March 25th, 2005

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Morning is a good time for dogs

I leave the hotel to go to work every weekday at about 6:30 a.m. That gets me here in time to relieve Tom and Mika, who work third shift, by 7:00 a.m.

One thing I've begun to notice on the drive over, apart from the lack of traffic, is that the various neighborhood dogs are out and about on their rounds early in the morning.

These stray mutts, who remind me a lot of Chuck, go trotting down the street, tails in the air and little doggie smiles on their faces. Occasionally stopping to sniff at a pile of garbage or to check their pee-mail, they seem utterly unconcerned with things that will likely become more urgent for them later in the day, like where to find something to eat or where a safe place to curl up and sleep is.

The people seem to accept the dogs as part of the landscape. I've seen people step into the street to avoid disturbing a dog on the sidewalk with the casual indifference they would use if avoiding a pile of newspapers or the stand of a fruit-seller. The dogs are there and they deserve as much respect as any one else.

Oddly, I've only seen one stray cat on the streets.
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self portrait

Getting ready for Delhi

Just ordered a wake-up call for 5:00 a.m.

Had my laundry done while I was at work, so I have a full selection of my travel wardrobe to choose from. I'm planning on wearing my REI convertible pants and one of the technical t-shirts I brought along. I'll bring along a second technical shirt (said shirts being "technical" in that they are made of high-tech fibers that wick moisture off you), a change of socks and underwear.

Packing camera (duh), spare battery for camera, spare card for camera, laptop, power adapter, USB cable. Also taking about four liters of water. Oh, yes, and tickets (real paper ones, hand-written through three layers of carbon), passport, wallet and money.

I think that's about all I'll need. Oh, wait. Sunscreen and hat! Plus meds and toothbrush (one of the travel ones from the little kits minnehaha K helped me out with.

I think this will all fit in my backpack, removing the need for checking luggage. (For a 2-hour flight to a 2-day destination? I think not.)

I doubt I'll get 'net access while I'm away and don't know how much longer mine will last tonight. You all will have to hold your breath over the weekend, waiting for Taj pictures late Sunday night.

Did I mention: Wheeeeeeeeeee!
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