January 16th, 2005

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A dream

Just awoke from a dream that I'm a bit confused about.

I am playing chess with my brother. You must understand that my brother is a very good chess player. Ranked in the U.S. system, used to play in tournaments; always kicks my butt. He's in trouble, though, and I have put his king in check with my queen. He makes a move to interpose his queen. I look at this wondering, as I often do in chess, what I shall do next. How to press the attack? Then I notice that his move has not, actually removed him from check! I point this out and he seems to act as if I caught him in a bluff, embarrassed and flustered. He makes another move that relieves the check. I look about the board a bit more and move a pawn. He moves a pawn in response. I notice that I have his queen pinned with a bishop but that with my queen's position being what it is, no retaliation will now come if I take his queen, so I do so. He curses mildly and makes a move. I take a rook; his defense is collapsing now as he's down to a rook and a smattering of pawns to defend himself against my queen, bishop and pawns. He sees this and resigns.

Wish fulfillment? A Gordian Knot sort of suggestion to look differently at a problem? Random firing of neurons? An admonishment against taking a watchful eye off figures of authority?
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self portrait

Handy morning

Got some around-the-house things done this morning. Finished putting together the shoe storage cabinet I bought at Ikea earlier in the week. I'd link to it, but it's not on the Ikea web site; weird. It is called SANDNES. It's about five feet tall, three feet wide and has four doors. Each door pivots outward at its base to reveal a compartment for inserting shoes. They say each compartment will hold two pairs of shoes but I'm thinking those Scandinavians must have some awfully big feet and that they'll likely hold about three pairs each.

So that is now in our front closet and should help reduce the mound of shoes that normally builds up there. To fit it in the closet and have it remain usable will mean having to pare down a few things from the closet (mostly coats that aren't worn any more), but that's a good thing.

Also installed the shelf I got for Ericka. This one I can link to, it's called KIRP and looks like a big metal check-mark. I attached it to the wall near the head of her bed so that she can keep near her and out of the way, the massive stack of books that she has on hand for reading at any given time. Since she'll often have upward of eight novels plus various books on topics that have grabbed her fancy so that she'll always have something to read, no matter her mood, this should help keep her bed-side table a little less cluttered and able to hold other items of import.
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