December 28th, 2004

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Blissfully short

Another short-short work week for me. Working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. My lead is here this week so I'm actually working while at work rather than handling dishing out assignments and handling phone calls. The work load isn't too heavy, though, so there'll be plenty of time for catching up with LJ and the like.

I fell all over myself with the web site today. Got email from kaustin about a change in the next meeting and promised to get the page updated before coming to work. Then the sleep bug attacked me and I didn't wake up until it was time for me to go to work. Even missed dinner. No idea why I was so tired, but I'll get the page updated in the morning before going to sleep.

Parties this weekend, of course. This is the holiday season that I get excited about. These celebrations are the ones I look forward to. Be good to see my many friends over the course of the days.

Plus, another long weekend without work! Woot!
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self portrait

Bad combo

I have had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 24. Ericka had problems sleeping last night and it seemed to rub off on me. There I was, puttering about the house at 2:30 p.m. wondering what in the world I was doing. Finally got to sleep about 3:30 only to wake up at 7:30 to get dinner for Ericka and the animals.

Then I get to work tonight and we have precious little to do. There's a job that would require me to have a clear head and another that won't be ready for a couple of hours yet.

The combination of no sleep and now work is just the worst. If I had plenty of one, I'd be OK with less of the other. Together, however, they conspire to drag me down. I'll be asking about leaving early tonight.
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