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Peter Hentges

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December 15th, 2004

06:59 am - Free Will Horoscope
My horoscope from http://www.freewillastrology.com:
In 1874, a fire broke out in an underground coalfield in western China. It burned nonstop until 2004, when firefighters finally squelched it. In the intervening 130 years, 200 million tons of fuel went to waste, spewing out copious amounts of polluting gases. I nominate the denouement of this long-running drama to serve as your personal metaphor for early 2005. In January and February, you will finally douse a smoldering inner fire that has been a poor use of your ambition. This will set the stage for a fresh start. No later than your birthday, you will ignite a new blaze that's both more efficient and more worthy of you.
Seeing as I'll be in India over my birthday, I'll take this as an intriguing and hopeful sign.
Current Mood: curiousintrigued

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