December 14th, 2004


Travel plans

As I told minnehaha Sunday night, my work is planning to send me to India for a couple of weeks next year. Tonight, I found out more of the particulars.

I'll be traveling to Chennai, which used to be known as Madras, the fourth largest city in India. It's on the Bay of Bengal (that is, eastern) coast of India and south of the 15 degree north latitude line. (I'd originally thought I'd be going to Bangalore, but I was mistaken.)

I'll be staying about two weeks. The current plan has me flying out on March 18 and leaving India on April 1. There are a series of vaccinations I'm supposed to get that are covered by the company health plan. Work is also coordinating the visa application.

I need to renew my passport, which expired last year. Good news is that it's within 15 years of its original issuance so I can renew by mail. It'll be odd mailing my old passport off to be renewed, but that's how they do it. This will be the first ID with a clean-shaven photo of me, though I also have to renew my driver's license in short order as well.

The downsides to traveling these dates are that I'll be spending my birthday (March 27) in India and I'll miss Minicon.

The upside is that being around Minicon means that we're likely to have house-guests before and after. Since someone will have to be around to help Ericka out while I'm away, having a larger pool than just the local folks to draw on for that will be beneficial. Still, for local folks reading this, this is the first call for volunteers to stay with Ericka for a few days during the time I'm away.

I'm excited to travel to the sub-continent and hope I have time for some sight-seeing while I'm there.
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So I watched the first episode of the SciFi channel's Earthsea miniseries after dinner this evening. I knew from the very start that it was going to be bad, the question was, how bad would it get. Well, Collapse )

Suffice to say that I was vastly disappointed.