November 26th, 2004

self portrait

Has it been a week?

Sunday the dogs came. Our friends Joe and Dava took their boys, David and Thomas, off to relatives for the Thanksgiving holiday and that means that we got to have their other kids, the dogs Darwin and Lucy, for the week. It's been lively having a house with three dogs and a cat when we're used to just one aging dog and a cat. I have gotten rather used to waking up pinned between dogs, sighing, and going back to sleep.

Monday and Tuesday I had work and was acting as lead. My usual lead was on first shift for those days, attending a training class. It was a busy couple of days. Monday a bunch of jobs went late as we were short-staffed and stuff just kept piling up. Tuesday was only about half as crazy as Monday but still busy enough to keep me off the 'net for most of the night.

Wednesday was the third shift holiday for Thanksgiving. As it's my normal day off, I also had Thursday night off while most of my compatriots were working. I had an odd Thanksgiving, in that I inadvertently fasted for the day. Nothing but fruit juice all day. I find myself craving left-over turkey sandwiches today. (My version, vonkrag, would be nice and plain: whole-wheat bread, mayo, mixture of white and dark meat, salt; the flavor of mayo and salt is essential to the experience.)

And now I'm back at work. Did a little 20-page edits job. Worked a couple of files off the board and now there's nothing to do. Typical of late in the week with a holiday, really.

So I'm off to search the 'net for CivIII tips as I broke down and picked up a copy a few weeks ago.
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