November 9th, 2004

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Well, that explains it

When I got home Monday morning, I ran out and got some groceries, getting back home before 8:00 a.m. Then I had a quick bit of breakfast and hit the sack. I didn't get up again until after 4:00 and then just briefly to feed Ericka and the dog, say hello to our friend Philip who is visiting from Seattle, and hear how Philip had made himself useful by reattaching the dryer vent and fixing the garage door (which had not been allowing the opener to open and close it since Ericka's little mishap with driving practice).

I returned to bed and slept until about 8:00 p.m. I was thinking that it must have been the cool weather and overcast that let me sleep so soundly for so long.

Tonight at work, I got the print-out of my hours for last week. Four 10-hour days, two eight-hour days and a couple of days where I worked longer than my scheduled shift. Close to 100 hours over the last two weeks.

No wonder I'm tired.
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self portrait

Stretching my brain

So, in an order to get some kind of perspective on what people who are not like me are thinking, I started following the conservatism community here on LJ. In just a few short days, I've been involved in discussions of varying degrees of civility involving abortion, media bias, flag burning, the Bible as hate speech and the death penalty. I'm hoping we get to guns before the end of the week.
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