November 3rd, 2004

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A long night

And it's not over yet.

It's a far cry from my prediction of 331 electoral votes for Kerry, but I remain optimistic and still believe that Kerry will win this election. The provisional ballots in Ohio are, in all likelihood, from voters who were challenged by Republican operatives. The number of provisional ballots is far greater than the difference in the vote totals for the candidates. (136,000 vote difference, 175-250,000 votes uncounted.)

Some of them, yes, will be voters from both sides who fell through the cracks and some will be from Democratic challenges. The focus of Democratic operations, however, has been on refuting Republican challenges. So they will fall heavily for Kerry.

There is also talk of voting fraud tied to electronic voting machines. You can find a lot out there if you go look. I'm happy to provide pointers to what I've found if you're interested.

I hinge my never-fading hopes, however, on the provisional and absentee ballots. These are paper ballots. Good ol' mark-with-a-pen kind of ballots. With these still outstanding, I hope for a verifiable victory without the need for litigation.

My war cry has changed from "Landslide for Kerry!" to "Count them all!" Either way, we've got some interesting days and weeks ahead of us.
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