October 29th, 2004

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My day off and things leading up to work

I have Wednesdays off. This is kinda cool as it is like having a mini-weekend in the middle of the week. The downside is that it is also like having a second Monday every week. Still, with the prospect of only two days of work in each mini-week, it's never too bad.

Yesterday was devoted largely to sleep. It was a good day for it, what with the clouds and coolness and occasional dogs. I was woken up in the afternoon in order to insure that I would be able to give elisem a ride home; something that I'm happy to do. She was over working with Ericka on special shiny things for forthcoming conventions and the like.

After dropping off the Elise, I headed out to the home of 90_percent_sure. She had a couch that needed removal from her basement and, remembering the difficulty she'd had getting it down there in the first place, requested the service of my Sawzall in order to render it into manageable chunks. (You read it hear first, Mary wanted me to come over because she needed my tool.) With the able assistance of kalikanzara, the couch was duly hacked and hauled over to the dumpster. We refrained from taking the Sawzall to Sean's new piano; some people are no fun.

I returned home and settled in on the couch after getting Ericka's bedtime preparations taken care of. The discovery of her blood sugar at 65 (instead of the desired 100) meant that said preparations included some carbohydrates. We also made plans to check her sugar a couple of times during the night. So I watched The Daily Show and Smallville (though I'm losing interest in the latter) before beginning to feel as if I needed a nap. I snuggled into bed with the cat and drifted off for a few hours here or there with occasional flurries of net.activity between.

Today was more sleeping, with rain and coolness, but less dogs. At work we have this strange mixture of many pages on the schedule and not much to do. Most of the volume of work is in proofreading, having been set by our India joint venture. The only other work is training jobs for the new Word-based platform. Since I'm all up on that, I'm letting others get the experience they'll need in working the files. (That's my story, I'm sticking to it.)
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self portrait

Git yerself arrested

I have this bizarre desire to use my rights to free speech and freedom of peaceable assembly to present our President with the message, "No More Lies" in areas that I suspect he and/or his people will not like me to do that. Since his people include those with the authority to arrest me I suspect I would be arrested either immediately following the delivery of this message or in the attempt to deliver it.

So I ask myself: Is it worth it?

And I answer: Does it have to be?

Does having the right, guaranteed by the Constitution (specifically the First Amendment thereto), to move about in public as I will (providing I do so in a peaceable manner) and to say what I will (providing I break no laws, e.g., endangering no others) mean anything if I don't use them? Does the use of those rights need to be justified by said use resulting in some useful purpose?

I think the use of my rights does not have to serve a purpose. It is only by using them that I can ensure that I still have them. If I allow myself to be intimidated into not using them (e.g., out of fear of arrest), isn't that tantamount to surrendering them?
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