October 5th, 2004

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Reading update

Between a nagging illness and sporadic periods of busy-ness at work, my reading slipped a bit the last few weeks. I've finally finished Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny and updated my reading list accordingly.

I'm really liking having this list of books to read and having so many of them on loan from a friend. Gives me the flexibility to fit the reading into my schedule and never leaves me wondering what I should be doing next. Given a spare hour or day, I can grab and book and get to it.

I need to track down the copy of Ringworld that I've borrowed. I left it up north when I went to a family reunion earlier this year and it supposedly came back down with my brother. I haven't hooked up with him yet, however, to discover if that actually happened.
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self portrait

There's some good news!

Got a call today from Tim, the recruiter for Target. It seems a nearly identical position to the one I'd applied for a little bit ago has opened up and he wanted to submit my resume to them. I gave him permission and got a call a few hours later saying that I have an interview on Thursday!

So I'll be going into the offices of the consulting firm (Manpower) tomorrow afternoon and then into Target on Thursday. Time to get a haircut and make sure the dress clothes are pressed.

I also have to come up with two or three writing samples. I'm not 100% sure yet what this position entails so I'll hold off on digging up samples until I get some more information tomorrow.
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