October 2nd, 2004

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Today in work idiocy

So we produce jobs in a variety of formats. The most common of these produces both Typeset and HTML output. The HTML is filed with the SEC and has strict regulations that govern how it is organized. This organization is put together into something we call EFW Notes. (Because all things need TLAs.)

When we work one of these Typeset/HTML jobs, our best practice model is to have the HTML read on the first proof cycle even if the HTML output isn't being requested. What that allows us to do is produce the HTML output for client review at the drop of a hat. So when the client calls up after proof cycle eight, say, and says OK, send me the HTML in an hour, we can do that. We don't have to worry about there being an HTML error that's crept in somewhere and hasn't been checked.

In order to produce an HTML proof (which we print out so our proofreaders can read it against the typeset proof), the EFW Notes have to have been input by the customer service rep (or, according to the TLA doctrine, CSR). Without those Notes in the database, we simply cannot produce the proof from our system.

So we are constantly calling up the Operations Centers (or, in flagrant diregard for the TLA doctrine, OPCOs) to have them create or update these EFW Notes. The most frequent OPCO we have to call is the NYC OPCO. The CSR they have on third shift has told more than one person on more than one occasion that he can not create EFW Notes for a job before receiving the typeset output.

This is utter bullshit, the Notes can be created at any point and, as a matter of fact, the CSR best practice procedures require him to create these notes before sending the work to us or within 15 minutes of doing so. His excuse is that he needs to put the file names of the typeset job into the notes and he can't know those file name until his has the output. He is correct in that he should include that information in the notes. What he is forgetting is that this is a later part of the process.

Or, more accurately, he's a lazy fuckwad (LFW) who is preventing me from doing my god damn job (GDJ) because entering information and then editing later is too much for his miniscule brain (MRN)!
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Do it with reverence

Wandered back over to http://www.gapingvoid.com, an interesting blog with all sorts of nifty little tidbits now and then. While perusing back to the last time I'd popped by, I found this:


That's what I'm all about. I have this work ethic that requires me, from the inside, to do what I do well. To do it with, as the fellow in the anecdote said, with reverence. It's like the Zen thing of being present while you are doing whatever. Chop wood. Carry water.

When an employer can recognize this and lead me to believe that what I'm doing is worthy of my reverence, they will get phenomenal productivity out of me. When they fail to respect my work, however, I lose my ability to do the work with reverence and productivity slides.

Things about my current job that fail to respect my work:
  • An attendance policy that treats me like I'm trying to cheat or am a 6-year-old.
  • A lack of follow-through on my good ideas.
  • A lack of encouragement and assistance to move into a better job.
  • Pointless busywork to fill idle times.
  • Mixed messages about quality and timeliness.
I'm not perfect at this on my own either. Things I do that fail to respect the writing I want to do:
  • Computer games.
  • Pointless television (particularly movies I know will be bad but can't help watching).
  • Not writing.
So I'll work on doing things to respect myself and the things I want to accomplish.
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