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Peter Hentges

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September 25th, 2004

08:53 pm - My lovely afternoon at urgent care
Ericka finally convinced me to go see the doctor today. I gave a call to the urgent care clinic and got an appointment at 3:00. I wasn't all that urgent, you see. Still after having this ick for about a week, I was ready for it to go away.

A nice, young, black, woman doctor saw me and ran through the checklist of medical history, looked in my ears, eyes and nose. She listened to my breathing and heart.

Then she wrote me a prescription for antibiotics, on the theory that I should have licked a virus by now more than anything else, I think. Then I got the fun of hanging out at the pharmacy, waiting for that to get filled. I use the Target pharmacy, so at least I could wander around and contemplate things like: I should really get the Star Wars DVDs. Hey, Lost Boys DVD, I remember really liking that film. I different digital camera, or maybe a digital camcorder would be neat. Shrek Operation? Oh, neat, a National Geographic game based on Operation that involves picking dinosaur bones out of a dig. Why don't I have a baseball glove?

Three hours and $75 later I was home and took my first dose of the antibiotic. I feel pretty much the same, which is to say worn out but have hopes for improvement soon.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Johnny Jump Up--Gallowglass--All Our Best

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