September 14th, 2004

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Vote ... er ... Root for Me!

Went off an voted this morning. I hope I got my judge votes correct. I'm horrible with names but remembered liking the credentials of the women candidates so I don't think I could go too wrong.

Before that, however, I had a brief phone interview with a consulting firm. They are looking to fill a position of someone to put together the intranet site for the marketing department of Target. This is a job right up my alley as I basically did the same thing for ADC back in the day. It's listed as a six-month contract-to-hire position. It's days. It's downtown. I could have lunch with 90_percent_sure.

The process is that the contracting company picks three resumes to send to Target. Target then picks. The wheels of the corporation grind exceedingly slow, so I probably won't hear for a while. Still, I'm excited by the opportunity. The phone interview with the contracting guy went well so we'll see what he thinks of my resume and go from there.
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self portrait

Holy emotional rollercoaster, Batman!

Got email from the consulting guy this evening. Seems they have already submitted their allotment of candidates to Target for the job for which I am a perfect candidate. Bummer. Well, hopefully Target will not be happy with the first batch and I'll get a chance at this choice assignment later on. In the meantime, I keep looking for new openings.
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