September 9th, 2004

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Class and work

I came to work an hour late today as I'd be attending the second part of the class I started yesterday. Never mind that I basically finished the work for that class yesterday. All my work on it today was basically printing out the work I'd done yesterday.

The instructor came up with some additional information to give us which took all of about 45 minutes. I was, fortunately, released from the purgatory of the purposeless classroom due to actual work to do!

At first, it was just a little job using the tools we were being trained on. That took all of 10 minutes to get done. After that, though, there was plenty of work on our traditional system. Kept me busy the rest of the night up to now. Now I have about 30 minutes to kill before heading home.

The sad thing is that there hasn't been enough time to read the last couple of days. So I'm still only a few chapters into Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. Perhaps I'll get in more reading before going to sleep today. I have Thursday off in exchange for being at work today for the class so that should translate to a little more time for things like reading.
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