August 31st, 2004

self portrait

Slow, but not that slow

We do have actual work going on tonight. I prepped a 180+ page document for Quality Check when I arrived and worked on a new set document for another half an hour or so.

Now, however, everything is up to date so I'm just getting ready to dive into a book. While I started Ringworld earlier, I left it up at my folks' when I was visiting. I believe it came back down to the Cities with my brother, but haven't verified that, much less run out to Chaska to pick it up.

So I'm going to start in and To Your Scattered Bodies Go, a Riverworld novel by Philip Jose Farmer. I don't think I'll get it finished tonight if things keep cropping up, but I'll get a good start on it.
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    That's What She Said Last Night--The Saw Doctors