August 18th, 2004

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Another long, slow night

I am working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights this week (normally I have Wednesday night off and work Friday night). My lead is out these days and I'm filling in. We are in the traditional post-peak slow period, as everyone in the world has just finished filing what they need to and all the financial lawyers get that one last weekend in the Hamptons before the kids go back to school.

We have one job that looked like it would be going late because of a graphics issue, but that got worked out and it'll be out of here in a couple of minutes. Otherwise, just little, piddly stuff due in the morning.

So feel free to post amusing, thought-provoking things the rest of the week, it'll help make the nights go quicker.
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self portrait

Another one of those nights

Yep, nothing going on. Only the prospect of a long, slow night.

Fortunately, I have you, gentle reader. Surely you will either comment on this entry or make an entry to your own journal/blog that will be intriguing, entertaining or will otherwise dispel the boredom.

If not, at least my friend Dava delved into the bookshelves of the home she shares with my friend and her husband Joe, to bring me a selection of books from the list of classic SF that I'm wanting to read. So I have Zelazny's This Immortal to read tonight.
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