August 13th, 2004

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Adventures in somnambulism

This evening I laid down for nap about 4:00 p.m. I didn't need to be up until about 9:00 p.m. or so in order to get ready and get into work by 10:00.

Ericka woke me up about 8:30, saying that during one of my many trips back and forth from bedroom to living room that I'd mentioned that I wanted to get up early to take a shower and shave.

I have no recollection of doing this whatsoever.

The stuff I've read on-line says that over-tiredness and stress can trigger events of sleepwalking in those that have a sleep disorder that causes it. Oddly, not only is it not typical of narcolepsy (which I have a mild case of), but it's also atypical of my usual sleep pattern. (My narcolepsy is marked by a distinct lack of deep, restful sleep which is when sleepwalking typically occurs.)
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self portrait

SF Read

So where did this list of 100 come from? Hugo winners? Nebula winners? Some list of 100 books someone read?

Strong emphasis on books I've read
Emphasis on books I've started but didn't finish
(I don't think I own any books I haven't read so I'll skip that portion.)
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