August 7th, 2004

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Happy Ericka's birthday

August 6 is Ericka's birthday. Back in March, shortly after my birthday, I had a good idea for a present for her.

Ericka has habit of shelling peanuts. She doesn't eat the peanuts, mind you, she just enjoys shelling them to have something to do with her hands while she is reading. While this is a great boon to our compost production, it struck me as not necessarily the best option. Also, Ericka has complained about her thumb hurting from this repetitive activity.

So I thought a cool thing to do would be to get her a rosary. I went looking at on-line shops and over on eBay. I just couldn't get past the cross thing, though. (I later discovered that a friend of hers from the pool had given her a rosary with what she thinks is an image of a shrouded Christ. To her, however, it looks like Han Solo trapped in carbonite so she calls it her "Star Wars rosary.")

Not finding anything of the appropriate style, I contacted my friend elisem to commission a piece. The result is a thing she calls "The Penguin Who Likes Quilts." It has multi-colored, patchwork-looking lampwork beads that look like little cylinders of quilts strung on silver wire and separated by little grey beads with peanut-like texture to them. The central piece of the work is a penguin bead suspended in a silver roll-cage. The length is just right to fit over Ericka's head should she want to wear it as a necklace, but that's not its primary purpose.

After I gave it to her Friday morning, she promptly put it on, however, and was still wearing it when I woke up that evening. She went on and on about how cool and perfect it was, how the penguins roll-cage was just the right size for her hand, how the lampwork beads really did look like little quilts and like that. It was a hit!
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Easing into the end

I've been kinda busy at work tonight. While there wasn't much in the way of work for our traditional platform, there was work for jobs using our Word tools. As one of the few people trained in those tools, I, therefore, had work.

I was mildly annoyed at it to start. The woman who is the technical contact for the tools on second shift has this over-bubbly personality and greeted me with a playful "I hold your fate in my hands." First off, no, I do just fine with my fate, thank you very much. Secondly, I have a lead who tells me what to do; I don't need another one.

Once she was off for the night and I was digging into the work, however, it was pretty OK. I'm still amazed that I can take three or four files out of the bin and complete them in the time that it takes nearly everyone else to complete one. I can't imagine that I'm that much more efficient at what I do, but can't think of why else that might happen. Well, something to file away for performance review time.

Now that I've caught up with all the work there is to do, however, I'm still looking at another hour or so of work before I head home. I've run down my iPod's battery so I could listen to more music only by plugging it in and what fun is that? I still have my Internet haunts to check out for the evening, so that'll be something to keep me occupied at least.

On the food front, I surpassed my minimum fruit servings today! Banana with Cheerios, per the usual and two 12-oz cans of apple juice here at work! Still working on the vegetable thing, but I'll have to do some grocery shopping this weekend so that'll give me some opportunity to pick up some things for the week.
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