July 30th, 2004

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A day and a night and the Time

All my plans for cultural events for my day off went by the wayside as it started to rain. Not so much because the rain would make the things I wanted to do impossible (heck, most of them were inside), but because rainy days are good for sleeping. So that's what I did. Sacked out on the couch in front of the Twins game. Occasionally amused the dogs that were visiting but otherwise got nothing accomplished.

The night, however, was a different story! No rain was going to prevent me from getting downtown to see Morris Day. I caught a bus downtown and got to the venue just in time to catch him starting. From those first, funky notes to the end of the show, it was classic Time. I think my favorite moment of the show was when a guy who must have been 70 wandered through the crowd, just your normal-looking older guy wearing a baseball cap. His cap, however, read "The Time."

Nice mix of people at the show. Intermittent showers meant that I got a bit damp, but also that I made friends with the folks nearby who brought their golf umbrellas.

Very dance-able show with only a small interlude of slow, soulful material. Morris's new guitar player was a stand-out among the musicians. The show, however, was all Morris. And Jerome. But mostly Morris.
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Friday just feels slow

There's actually what looks like quite a bit of work to do. A couple of jobs due by 4:00 a.m. A nice chunk due on Monday morning (over 800 pages worth). Still, it seems as if everything's moving a little slower today. I have no enthusiasm for the work, but that's nothing new. Perhaps its due in part to the weather, which was rainy again today for a good chunk. Maybe I just need more vitamins.

Probably I'm just all funked out from the Time the other night. My "git on up!" has got up and went.

In happier news, I'm an uncle again! Ericka's sister-in-law gave birth to Wesly Andrew around noon on Wednesday. He's a bit premature, so he's hanging out in ICU while mom heads home, but all signs look good for the little nipper. He has, at two days old, reportedly recognized and smiled at grandma. (I figure someone feeds him everytime they come near and thus, when a blur approaches, he smiles. But you can't tell that to Ericka's mom.)