June 30th, 2004

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Morning meanderings

Not a lot to report over the last 24 hours or so. Plants grow, dogs and cats sleep, life goes on as it should.

Of recent news that I haven't written about, Ericka fired one of her helpers while I was off in Seattle. Or, rather, she'd decided to fire the helper and said helper showed up to quit. This helper was, unfortunately, Kelly, one of the more competent people that has been one of Ericka's helper and, by the by, the wife of a dear friend of mine. (Holy social tension, Batman!)

Kelly's good qualities were that she was fairly reliable, fairly flexible and had a valid driver's license. She would often make different things for Ericka in an attempt to give her a variety of healthy things to eat, rather than letting Ericka fall into a rut of pasta and rice because they were easy to make. She sewed clothes for Ericka, a big help when not only is it difficult for Ericka to get to stores, but said stores rarely, if ever, have anything in her size.

Of the things that made Kelly hard to deal with, her passive-aggressiveness was the primary one. For example, when I get home, I take off my shoes and set them outside the front closet. The closet is packed with jackets and other things so that it is difficult to get into at the best of times and it goes through periods of gathering clutter that make it even more difficult. Kelly, however, seemed to feel that despite that fact that I used my shoes every day, that leaving them outside the closet was unacceptable. She would, instead, toss them into the depths of the closet, leaving me to root them out the next day.

So I'm of mixed feelings. On the one hand, having Kelly around was nice because I could plan on her being there and know that Ericka would be well taken care of and now that she's gone I'll have to pick up some of the slack. She would do extra things that made Ericka's life a little easier. On the other hand, she was stressful to have around and was getting harder to deal with over time. Overall, I suppose, it will make little difference. We'll figure out how to get things done and keep on keeping on.
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