June 21st, 2004

self portrait

Ah, the lazy days of vacation

My big plan for today was to get together with my friend iamnikchick and her husband Chris for lunch if all the schedule gods worked out. That didn't work as Nicole was taking Kate up to stay with her dad while she and Chris hustled over the last-minute details for getting out of town in time for Origins in Columbus this forthcoming weekend.

Then, as I lolled in bed, I got the series of emails arranging a showing of Bad Santa complete with tasty 'que over at Ray and Christine's. Among these was the horrible news that revjohn's car had been stolen. Again. I was vaguely aware of a cop showing up at the door this morning sometime and John talking to him about something, but I didn't catch all the details. Serious bummer.

The movie, however, was hilarious. We were rolling on the floor throughout. Let me just say that I'll never be able to watch the Gilmore Girls in the same light again. (This is a movie that laurel will need to see for no reason other than that. Maybe just that scene. Maybe just up to the "prove it" line. Yeah, that she could probably handle.)

Between morning email and evening movie, I got Rev's Xbox fired up and started in on Knights of the Old Republic. Early on, I'm finding things a bit linear in a tactical sense. Combats seem very much to be "push the attack button and sit back and watch the action." I can see, however, how the many options will become more complex as the characters gain more abilities and more members are added to the mix.

Now that John and Jenny are off to bed, being hard-working sorts that they are, I'll dive back into the KotOR to wile away the night.
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