June 17th, 2004

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One of the things I'm liking about working through Live the Life you Love is that the progam is presented in nice little chunks. Today's exercise, for example, is about paying attention to one's emotions. The tast was merely to copy a list of emotions down on an index card. Then I'm to carry the card around with me for three or more days, simply noting when I'm experiencing an emotion and making a checkmark on the card that corresponds to the associated label for the emotion.

The latter part seems a bit tough to me. Putting names on my emotions isn't easy. But by paying attention, I'm likely to be better at it. The cool part, for me, is that I'm done for today; wrote down the list, stashed it with the little deck of index cards I'm building up.

A success strategy I figured out while biking to work on Monday (in addition to these) is to take things in small chunks. I just need to get to that sign, the next road, the top of that hill. Big goals are easy to procrastinate and let slip by the wayside. If I just figure out a little step in the right direction, though, I can take that.
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self portrait

Well, bother

So sometime between last night and tonight, the service that my work subscribes to in order to determine which sites they should block access to decided that they should block my .Mac mail account. Never mind that I can get, say, a Yahoo! mail account and access it just fine. I am wondering if the whole Gmail hubbub is at least partially responsible. I can only imagine that we'll go through another little spate of blocking of LiveJournal before too long. (Until whomever unblocked it last time does so again.)

I don't mind so much that I can't get to my email from work. I mind that the principle is applied unfairly and stupidly
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