June 15th, 2004

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Back in the saddle again

My lead is working days all this week and next, so I'm filling in as lead on third shift. I like doing this as it give me something to do even if there isn't a lot of work. I feel a bit unproductive, because I don't have as much time to do actual work while I'm doing the lead stuff, but when there isn't as much work, this isn't a big deal.

I'd be filling in next week too, but I'm going to be on vacation! Woot!

I'm boarding a plane for Seattle on Saturday afternoon and will be out there a week. I'll be staying with my friend Rev. We always have a nice time and I have many friends in the Seattle area. My favorite aunt and uncle live in Olympia, only a couple hours away, so we usually end up getting together as well.

I should put together a list of things to do before I leave town. I'll give that some thought tomorrow. I've volunteered to come in and do the lead thing on Wednesday, which will give me eight hours of overtime this week, nice because a) I'm going on vacation right after and will have time to rest up and b) I don't think I have enough vacation time saved up to cover all the time off so the extra money will be good to have.
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