June 12th, 2004

self portrait

While the printer churns

Well, it's a semi-busy night. I think our expediter is a bit too tense about how busy it is. I am, for example, working on a job that's due at 8:00 a.m. and the next job in the priority queue isn't due until 5:00 p.m. Now, sure, the 5pm job is "high profile" and they will probably want it early and it is a Saturday. Still, it's a fairly simple document and we rock on third shift. She's all worried about it, however, so she's enlisted the help of a couple of our other office. So now there's nothing to stress about. Or so you would think.

Now that my job is in QC, she's calmed down, which is good. With any luck, we'll keep things moving along nicely so as not to stress her out more.

Ericka has been doing well with the new PC. She still asks me questions about things that I know nothing about, but there are getting to be fewer of those. She reported making her first LJ comment (to cakmpls re: the visit of E's teenage niece in July thinking getting her that The Babe together might be an idea) so I'll start nudging her to posting on her own (to erickavan) soon.

Rain during my waking hours meant that there was no additional mulching today. Looks to be sunny tomorrow, however, so I hope to get more done. By the end of the weekend, maybe I'll have the remaining 60 bags of mulch off their pallet and their contents distributed properly. If anyone wants to come over and spread some mulch, feel free.
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