June 9th, 2004

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Mindless fluff

Just finished a "training exercise" that consisted of following step-by-step instructions and noticing the results of said instructions. I'm sure this works well for some people, me, I found myself skipping ahead to get out of the boring tedium. I'd do much better if they'd just told me what the new enhancements did rather than insisting I do this boring busy work to "show" me.

I'd managed to put off doing this condescending piece of garbage along with everyone else, it seems. The training staff gave us an "extension" to complete these exercises. If some busybody hadn't put the idea into my lead's head that we should do them tonight when we're really slow, I'd still not be doing them. Fah.
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self portrait

Second wind

I've been dragging for what seems like most of the night. Not enough sleep leading into the work night is not a good thing. Was planning to catch breakfast with elisem, but I'm taking a rain check. Just getting a bit of a second wind; just in time to make the drive home.
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Big mulch

The delivery of 75 bags of cocoa bean mulch just arrived. It's a full pallet and a few bags. If I wasn't supposed to be sleeping, I'd be mulching.
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