June 4th, 2004

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A late update

Work has been busy up until now. We were turning away jobs that other offices were trying to give to us because we had so much to do that our lead didn't think we'd get it all finished by 9:00 a.m. Well, we're all caught up on the typesetting end but there are some 900+ pages in various stages of proofreading at the moment. So those jobs will be getting finished as the shift continues, when exactly is hard to say. In the meantime, I've got a chance to update here.

Finished reading the Barbara Sher book yesterday in the early morning after everyone had left the Kerry party and I'd had a chance to see the Twins drop another game to the Devil Rays. I think I'm ready to embark on the journey the process entails. More procrastination arose in the form of working out some specifics to create what I'm calling "APA-ware." A thing much like LiveJournal, but more like the paper apa that I (and some of you, gentle readers) are familiar with. I think I've worked out a good data schema to incorporate the features I'd like to see (ego scanning, mailing comments, attributions, etc.) and have a beginning of an idea of how it would all work. Now to find some time to hack at the schema with a database guy I know and a tool to build it all with! (What would be *really* cool is if I could export to an RSS feed, allowing propagation of the material on things like LJ, and then have comments mailed back to a special address that would glom them into mailing comments. Eh? Eh? Spiff, yes?)

So I'm hoping to get out and buy the notebook and two colors of index cards recommended for the Living the Life You Love exercises tomorrow; maybe on my way home.

I went to the dentist yesterday, where it was reported that all is fine and good with my teeth, though I need to brush and floss more often to keep them that way. After the dentist, I stopped by the barber shop near my house for a cut and a shave. My hair was getting long enough that it was a bother when it wasn't in a ponytail so I wanted to get it cut so that it was above my collar and wouldn't fall into my eyes. I got a fairly short cut that leaves me looking like I do when I have my hair pulled back except that, of course, I don't have enough to pull back any more! It's weird, but also feels pretty good. We'll see how I like it as it grows out and, if so, I'll keep going back to this guy. The shave was more troublesome. I have, the barber reports, a pretty wiry beard. In fact he said, "If I were you, I'd wear a beard!" So I've got that "shaved too close" feeling now, but do have a close shave for probably the first time in my life. I'm thinking I might try growing a beard and/or moustache is a more restrained style that I had previously. Nothing as outlandish as these guys but maybe a "natural" goatee (see http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/Categories/categories.htm).
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The last, fretful, hour

Little work remains to be proofread. I am scheduled to be here for a while longer, yet. (Closer to half an hour now.) I've cruised all the web sites I normally do. I've cruised a few others (looking for iPod accessories, new cycling gloves and waterproof booties for over my cycling shoes).

I've reached the end. (Who knew there were so many ends?)

So I update here to kill some time. Soon off to the office products store for supplies.
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Getting started

Well, I did it. I got out and picked up the supplies I needed for the exercises in Live the Life you Love. I even completed the first exercise before getting to sleep today.

In this first exercise, the goal was (we discover after completing the first parts) to figure out what things motivate me and what sorts of things that might motivate others don't work for me.

Motivational techniques that work for me:
  • Competition
  • Buddy System
  • Gentleness
Techniques that don't:
  • Lecturing
  • Rewards
  • Guilt
  • Fear
A good example of motivation by competition occurred on my ride home yesterday. As I went around the turn by Midway Stadium, I saw another cyclist about a quarter mile ahead of me. Before I thought much about it, I picked up my pace a bit and worked to catch up to him. Got caught up at the Cleveland Ave. stop light.

By "Buddy System" I mean either doing something to help someone or having someone help me do something. daedala and I swapped help with house-clearing activities last year and that helped get a lot done. 90_percent_sure came by to help get some gardening done last summer and that motivation has kept me going all this year.

The best example of "Gentleness" is from long ago. It was my first Fourth Street Fantasy convention at the Holiday Inn downtown. During the music party I was drunk, happy and enthusiastically using the side of the chair I was sitting in as a drum. gerisullivan stepped up to me, laid a hand on my shoulder and whispered something that brought me to my senses. I was still happy and enthusiastic and still participating in the music, I was just no longer being ignorantly destructive.

So I've written these motivational techniques on an index card. They will be part of a collection of cards I keep with me and refer to whenever I have a spare moment. This is part of Sher's system to remind one of the lessons as you progress and it seems like a good idea to me.
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