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Peter Hentges

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June 1st, 2004

07:20 am - A quietly productive morning
The rain is falling softly outside as it gets slowly lighter. In the silence and growing light, I've done quite a bit. My laundry, including all my biking stuff, is clean. (Most of it is even folded and put away!) The dishes, apart from those I just used for breakfast, are clean. I took a bunch of a food scraps, including a large cabbage that appeared from somewhere for no apparent reason, out to the compost bins and mixed them in. Saw a big, fatty earth worm crawling away from the pile of compost I took out of the bottom of one of the bins (to use to mix in with the new stuff). Changed the cat's litter box. Changed my bed linens. Took a shower, shaved and will shortly brush my teeth. Then I'll be taking my medication and crawling between those fresh sheets.
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: Josephine--The Wallflowers--Bringing Down The Horse

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