May 28th, 2004

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Had my first Wednesday off on the new schedule. Worked out great! I got nothing done, but did get in a good batch of sleep. Also, being home during the little thunderstorm we had overnight meant that my pup was much more comfortable and much less destructive. I got her settled in next to the bed and then just kept her in a down and did some pre-soothing of her when I saw lightning flashes before the thunder came. That seemed to work, keeping her calmer. When I was slow on the soothing, though, she'd try to get up and go off to do whatever thing seemed the right thing to do in her scared puppy brain.

So I spent most the night playing a game on my iBook. Need to pick up a wireless card for that thing so I can surf the net while in bed. (Which is the primary purpose of wireless networking.)

Now at work. Rode in for the first time today, putting the additional $500 worth of bike clothes and gear that I picked up at REI's member's sale a good work out. The new bike computer tells me the trip is only 3.75 miles. I'm thinking I either installed it incorrectly or that it lies. It's supposed to be five miles. Silly computer.
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self portrait

A breather

After a week of work in which it seemed that we not only had a lot to do, but that everything we did involved multile hundreds of pages per job, we have a bit of a break tonight. There's some 250 pages in the shop now, but it's mostly in proofreading. Another 150 or so is being converted, mostly by fredcritter, but is not due until Tuesday. We have rumors of big jobs coming in sometime this weekend but we don't really expect them until Sunday or Monday.

The weekend looks to be rainy so I doubt I'll get much done in the garden. I did some weeding after biking home yesterday, so things are looking pretty good. The grasses in the front are starting to get their growth, which is cool, and the Junegrass on the south side are living up to their name. Their seedheads are busting out and look to be ready for being showy in June. The bunnies are having a nice little buffet of the new forbs I put in. The ones that I mulched seem to be particularly attractive to them, oddly. Perhaps they look like they are on little plates.

I've got poker with the guys on Saturday night. First time I've had a chance to do that for a while and it will be good to see my friends.
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