May 7th, 2004

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A night off

I didn't go into work last night. Some strange fatigue plus a bit of nausea. Sun stroke? Food poisoning? Who knows. I slept all night and then most of the day.

Back to work tonight, and feeling much better for all the rest.
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Peak food

One of the perks we get for the amount of extra work that comes in around our "peak" periods (those times when there are quarterly filings with the SEC), apart from overtime, is that the company provides a meal or two during the process. We get free sodas (with an honor-system limit of two) each night but on some nights there is food brought in.

Tonight's was lasagna from local pizza purveyor, Davanni's. The veggie lasagna was pretty tasty and the garlic bread generally OK, as these things go. It's a nice little break in the action and a good way to shore up the troops for the rest of the long night and forthcoming week.
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