April 20th, 2004

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It's the little things

One source of never-ending amusement for us at work is the names of the officers of the various companies we do work for. Today's winner: An officer of The Medicines Company to whom you are asked to sign over your voting rights for your shares at the annual meeting on the proxy card. His name: Clive A. Meanswell.

(I think it's important for an officer of a medical company to do more than mean well. He should do well.)
self portrait

Snack food reality

No one really likes chocolate chip Pop-Tarts. They sit in the vending machine with their unattractive brown coat day after day. Eventually someone bites the bullet to pay the 65 cents for them in order to get at the good Pop-Tarts that peek up enticingly behind them. Frosted Strawberry awaits you; Blueberry, too, if you will only sacrifice that one purchase.

Me, I stick to the classics. D8. Plain, or as the kids call 'em today, "Milk Chocolate," M&Ms. Colorful. Flavorful. Don't melt in your hands.
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