April 17th, 2004

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Do the hustle....

The job I'm working on currently is hilarious. I'm working on cycle 7G. Yesterday, they got up to 6S. We usually do just numbers. Letters are used with minor changes are made. Today's "minor" changes are all about re-ordering documents for this submission. Thus, the hilarity. I demonstrate:

Exhibit 10.37 is to become Exhibit 10.30.

Oh, wait, we already have a 10.30.

That's OK. 10.30 becomes 10.23.

Oops. We have a 10.23.

That's OK. 10.23 becomes 10.48.

You guessed it.

No problem, 10.48 becomes 10.41.

Uhh. Hold on. Says here that 99.2 becomes 10.41.

And so on.
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self portrait

Six hours of overtime = one day of sleep

So the funny/not so funny job of yesterday went on and on and on. A lot of it was waiting around for the customer service person to parse the client's instructions into things that I could do. A lot of it was waiting around for out systems to do the tricks they needed to do once I put them in motion. A lot of it was double-checking what I was doing because I was running low on wakeful moments and didn't want to screw stuff up too badly.

So I spent six, nearly seven extra hours at work yesterday. That meant that I didn't do much other than sleep today. Didn't get the second compost bin built, didn't get my brush box built, didn't get to MN-Stf or to my friend's birthday party.

Oh, well. My friend Ctein and I have plans to hang out tomorrow. We'll go to the mall, shop, have dinner, talk about relationships ... you know boy stuff. Maybe even sneak in a movie while we're out. Should be fun.
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