April 16th, 2004

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The silence of the pastries

As I left work yesterday, I saw a guy that I vaguely recognized as a proofreader coming in for his morning shift. I noticed him because he was carrying a big semi-translucent bag that held two boxes with Krispy Kreme logos on them.

This bag and said boxes now sit beneath my desk.

They are heavy enough to be filled.

My lead says we can't eat them because they aren't marked as being for us.

They lack any marking do the effect of "Do not eat."

I'm sorely tempted. But resisting.

For now.

I've purchased a packet of M&Ms from the vending machine to curb my craving and shore up my will.

I hope the night ends soon.
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self portrait

Sleep and compost

I like rainy days. I don't know how much it rained today, if at all, but when I woke up, it felt like it had been raining. I'd slept very well and deeply; probably some combination of the dimmer day and the windows being open.

After I woke up I went out and put together one of the compost bins we bought from the city. Turns out they're made in Canada. They snap together like so many Lincoln Logs and end up making a square, black tower about as high as my chest. I then dug out some 5-gallon pails and started moving the old compost heap into the new bin.

I discovered that I had about a food of what is probably "done" compost at the bottom of my heap, a good sign, and a large mass of wet, compacted, putrefying kitchen scraps, not a good sign. Thankfully, I also had enough dried up "brown" stuff in the form of leaves, peanut shells and the like that getting the whole mess mixed up in the new bin is likely result in a tasty stew for the happy little micro-organisms. What was about three feet of stuff compacted into a 2-foot diameter circular enclosure is now about four feet of stuff in the new bin. I'll give it a few days to get cooking and then will get in and turn it. With any luck, I should have great compost by the end of next month.

This means, of course, that I have to put together the second bin tomorrow so we can start on the next batch. I may only build this bin to half-height to start with and then add more to it as we accumulate more compostable material. There's plenty of brown stuff around the yard in the form of dried up leaves and dead plants and Ericka is always shelling more peanuts (she does so to have something to do with nervous hands, not so much to eat the peanuts). For green stuff, there are some new trimmings, the lawn will need mowing pretty soon and Ericka is into juicing so there's good vegetable pulp from the kitchen. It won't be long until there's another batch ready to go.
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