April 1st, 2004

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I thought that tonight was the night that I was go take the guys from our India team out to dinner on one of their last nights here. My manager stopped by my desk early Wednesday morning (my Tuesday, if you can shift your head to third shift with me) and arranged that we'd meet at work "tomorrow" to take the guys to dinner. I didn't check my calendar and thus forgot that we'd arranged this dinner for April 1. So I got dressed up and got to work by 7:10 only to find no one else of the party there for our 7:15 meet-up before heading to the restaurant. Oh, well. I headed back home and caught a nap before work instead. No harm done.

The most interesting part of this expedition will come after dinner on Thursday night. Seems that one of the things the guys wanted to do in the good ol' USA before heading home is visit a club. A gentlemen's club. Yes, they want to go to a strip bar.

So your's truly gets to escort them to such a place after dinner tomorrow. I find the whole thing amusing and will report back about how the whole evening goes.
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self portrait

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