March 27th, 2004


Well, harrumph

Here I expected this to be a busy work night. Last night was busy enough that I looked up and it was 5:00 a.m. Tonight, however, there just isn't the work.

This does, however, bode well for being off tomorrow night.

Turns out another typesetter (from the recently added other team) also has a birthday on the 27th. There was cake and I got some. Yum!

Very much looking forward to seeing Great Big Sea tomorrow night. Unlike laurel, I haven't been listening to their new CD; I'll have to pick it up tomorrow night! (And maybe a T-shirt.)

Was thinking I'd get out of here at about 7:00 a.m. Now, I think I'm going to press for 6:00 a.m., that being eight hours after I arrived. (A little more sleep never hurt anyone.)
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