March 24th, 2004

self portrait

Work, work, work; sleep, sleep, sleep

Seems like all I get done these days is work and sleep. We're ramping up to the next filing deadline at work, so we're expecting things to be crazy-busy Thursday through Monday (filing is Tuesday).

I, thankfully, have Saturday off. Saturday is my birthday and I'm celebrating by going to see Great Big Sea at First Ave. This will make up for having to miss the BiL show on St. Patrick's day.

The prairie in the front looks to be doing pretty well. A few green things that aren't weeds look to be getting a start. The warmer weather will be a big help in this, I'm sure. The daffodils that minnehaha helped plant last fall are starting to come up. My front flower bed is a bit like on of those "watch it grow" arrangements you can get at the florists at the moment.

Having had my mid-day constitutional and feeding, I'm ready to head back to bed and complete my rest before going in to work tonight.

Good news on the work front: I've received a call back from an application from the director of HR for a company that has operations here but is headquartered in California. She's called twice, which I take to be a good sign, thinking that most folks would call once and wait for me to call back. Left her a message earlier this afternoon and will try one more time before heading back to bed.
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