March 17th, 2004

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Here I go again

You know, I was just remarking the other day how I was blissfully unaware of the latest teapot tempest due to my schedule of work of late. (You'll note the lack of recent updates here. I've been working 10-12 hour days since March 1.)

So what do I do on a night when I've got a breather? I jump into a gun debate!


I have come to one new point that I think it worthwhile: Current law requires that a person in Minnesota who does not want someone with a valid permit to carry a gun in their home to inform the person with the gun of this fact.

I think it reasonable social practice for the person with the permit who is carrying to confirm permission before entering a private home.

The main reason I think this is that it opens the discussion of the issue in a positive way. If I say "no guns allowed," conversation is over. The law is very clear and there is no point a person carrying a gun can make that is valid in response. If a person carrying a gun says, "do you mind if I bring my gun in?" then I have several options. I can say, simply, "yes." I can say, "I'd rather you didn't." I can say, "Sure, no problem." I can say, "I don't mind, but please lock it up, OK?" I can provide any number of nuanced responses.

Also, if the person carrying doesn't want to announce that fact to me, they can ask "do you allow guns?" This also opens up the conversation on a positive note without revealing, for certain, whether the person asking habitually carries a gun.
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