March 8th, 2004

self portrait

Almost human

Well, the invaders of my sinuses appear to at least be taking a short cease-fire in the battle for control of my body. A nice bowl of rice with two big scoops of roasted garlic and a chunk of chicken broth that I'd put up last fall was a nice addition to my arsenal and the Zicam still appears to be helping. Just got out of a nice, long, hot shower and feel nearly normal again. A slight sniffle and am still tired, but am doing pretty well. If I'd felt this good on Saturday, I would have gone off and done things.

I think I'll dig up some more food, some more liquids (I think I have some juice around here, that would be good) and then work on getting some sleep. Have to make sure Ericka gets some of all of that as well in hopes that she gets over her cold more quickly than I did.
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