March 1st, 2004

self portrait

Weekend recap

I did many of the things I planned for the weekend. Didn't get a professional shave. (The barber who cut my hair had his chair in the shop and I arrived too late for a different guy to have a look at me.) I did pick up a pirate hair ornament from elisem (Arr.) and learned secret girl knowledge about how to attach it. (I need practice, though.)

I didn't get to my friend's birthday party until very late (like 3 am late) but was glad to make an appearance.

I also never got my slacks. The person that was supposed to pick them up didn't and later claimed to not understand that I needed them Monday morning. Fortunately, I had the back-up outfit which is plenty spiffy.

The interview went well. I got along with the guy OK and he seemed impressed with what I had to say about how I would go about building his web sites. His whole operation still feels a little flaky but he suggested that what he might like to do is give me some freelance assignments to see how we work together. That works well for me because if he actually is flaky, it's little investment in my part (and I can keep my day job, so to speak) and it works well for him, because if we don't get along he's not super-invested in me. So I'll be sending the thank-you note along tomorrow and be sure to give him a call next week.

This week starts peak in earnest to work. For the whole month of March, I'm scheduled to work 48-hour weeks. This means that I'll work four 10-hour days and then a regular 8-hour shift on Fridays. Of course, as everyone else is doing this too, it's possible that there won't be enough work to keep me around all that time and that I'll get sent off early. We'll see how it goes.

Since I am posting, you might, accurately, gather that things aren't too busy right now. Well, I've been at work for a bit over a hour and have been working up to this point. There are some things being converted to work on later, so that's looking good. Right now, however, plenty of space to post an update.
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