February 28th, 2004

self portrait

Many tasks

Saturday looks to be busy for me. The warmer weather is kicking all sorts of things into gear.

I need to swing down to Bloomington to pick up my dress slacks from my friend who took them into the cleaners for me. Need these for my interview on Monday morning.

Should swing by elisem's place to check out the pirate hair ornaments. I signed up to try them out and probably buy one when my hair was long. Now that it's shorter, I'm not sure how the ones I like will look on me.

Speaking of hair, I want to get a hair cut before my interview as well. Clean up the little fuzzy bits behind my neck and trim the length a tad to even things up. That's the plan.

I have a friend who was born on February 29. So he has an actual birthday this year and Saturday night is the big bash. I have this perverse desire to give him a gift that comes in parts and promise the other parts on his forthcoming birthdays.
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