February 27th, 2004

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A brief pause

It's been another lovely day of business at work. Stuff to work on all night. There are four jobs on the board awaiting proofreading and I have another one (smaller) in proofreading already. The night really flies along when one is working steadily.

In other news, I have a job interview! Monday morning I head out to a western suburb and meet with a guy for a web design/development position. Need to get my slacks back from the dry cleaners and get a haircut before then.

Also, I applied for a job with the Hennepin County library. It's for a staff mentor kind of person. From what I can garner from the listing and application, I'd be a regular library worker (helping patrons, shelving books, etc.) but would also be tasked with doing on-the-job training for other library workers. It would be a cut in pay but a) it would be working days, b) it would be working in a library and c) it would be working for the county. So I think that's about a wash, job move-wise. Just applied today, so no idea when or if I'll hear back from them.
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self portrait

They're so adorable

A snippet from a recent email my lead sent to the group:

"Or, if you have an evening with nothing planned and you'd like to call to see if you are needed, please feel free to do that."

Isn't that the cutest?
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