February 19th, 2004

self portrait

The madness begins

In eight hours I'll be doing the quick, swing home, get Ericka her drugs, snatch up the last-minute items, pack up the perishables, make any last-minute adjustments and catch a ride from Fitz drill. From there it's off to breakfast and then into the great north woods.

I've got pancake mix all made, clothes all packed, toiletries waiting for a last-minute shave. The booze is waiting on the counter next to the maple syrup. (And that's real maple syrup. Even if it's cruel.)

(Images of squeezing baby maple seals for their syrup fill my head.)

At work there is nothing to do. I was greeted by my co-worker the next desk over saying that it's slower than last night. Our expediter is on the phone to all the remote offices begging for work. So there may be further babblings.

If not, I'll be off for a long, fun weekend. No phone. No 'net. Nothing but masculine company and simple living. With games. And movies. And drinking.
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Very soon now...

Only about a half hour left here at work. From a mid-shift flurry of work, things have again slowed down to less than a crawl.

An hour from now, I should be on my way to my adventure/relaxation weekend. I feel like having a bloody mary with breakfast!
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    giddy giddy