February 18th, 2004

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Sucky way to end the day

When I got off work yesterday, I was corralled by my manager. It was time for a Meeting. It seems that, since the last time we talked about this in September, that my attendance hadn't improved. I didn't think it was any worse though lately I've had a couple of sick days.

Well, now I'm on a Performance Plan. It mostly says that I'm to show up on time and stay my whole shift for 90 days. I think it's a bad sign when my comments to the plan (mostly making the language more precise, e.g., are those 90 work days or 90 calendar days?) are at least as long as the plan itself. Shows a lack of preparation on my manager's part, methinks.

Anyway, it shouldn't be a big deal and should actually wind up giving me about 20 hours of overtime (above and beyond what's schedule for our March peak) over those 90 days. (Since I show up early most days and the plan says I'm to stay until my shift is over, even if it's over eight hours.)

As if that wasn't sucky enough, however, I was informed that my license plate tabs expired in October by the friendly police office of St. Anthony. I knew this already and thought that I'd renewed them in October. A record check, however, revealed that I had screwed it up somehow. So on top of the $88.50 to renew my tabs, I now have a shiny $85 citation. Talk about adding injury to embarrassment!

Well, after renewing the tabs, I read over the citation and decided to wait the required 10 days and see if the citation filed. If it doesn't file, I don't have to pay it. If it does file, I can plead not guilty and maybe get the fine reduced or something.

<ARLO>After the ordeal....</ARLO>

I got some other errands done. Discovered that my buddy Bob is out of town at a New York toy show until the day we leave to go to his cabin. So there'll be some last-minute scrambling there, I'm guessing. Picked up the other half of Ericka's Valentine's present: a DVD titled "Meditation for Beginners." It was recommended by Amazon when I went browsing for gifts and my thinking was that it might give her more tools for controlling her anxiety and impatience. She liked it bunches.
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A sad sort of sense

Amid persistent concerns over the giant US trade and budget deficit, the value of the dollar fell to record lows in comparison to European currencies. The pound is currently trading at about $1.90, an 11-year high. The European Central Bank is expected to take no measures to limit the value of the Euro.

See, when you build huge deficits and show no reasonable plans for cutting them, the rest of the world begins to think that you're irresponsible and that your money is, therefore, not worth as much.

No wonder trumping up a war didn't improve the economy.
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