February 2nd, 2004

self portrait

Up to date

[ Current Clothes] Grey socks, black jeans, white t-shirt (with gaming con graphics)
[ Current Music ] iTunes "Rowdy" mix
[ Current Taste ] Lingering almost-burn of hot chocolate.
[ Current Hair ] Freshly shampooed.
[ Current Annoyance ] "They want to start what in my state?"
[ Current Smell ] Hint of tea-tree oil from shampoo.
[ Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing ] Brushing the dog.
[ Current Desktop Picture ] Grey swirly thing. Stock OS X background.
[ Current Favorite Singer ] Tom Paxton
[ Current Favorite Group ] still The Replacements.
[ Current Book ] Book? Who has time for that? Sigh.
[ Current CD In CD Player] CD? How quaint.
[ Current DVD In Player] Seriously stupid/silly supposedly "horror" crap. Times two.
[ Current Refreshment ] Apple juice.
[ Current Fave Movie ] The Score
[ Current Dream Job ] Member of the Board of Directors.

[ Favorite sound I wish I was hearing ] House-call massage therapist ringing the bell.
  • Current Music
    South Australia--Gaelic Storm--Herding Cats