January 16th, 2004

self portrait

What to post?

With work blocking LJ, there isn't a natural topic for me to post about. Sure, I could tell you about how boring or tiring my work was, but that's like so last night.
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self portrait

Adventures in shaving

Rule #1: When shaving, always move the blade perpendicular to the cutting edge.

Was having a really good shave after my shower this evening. Though I'd been slacking off and had three days of growth, it seemed as though my whiskers had finally gotten used to this idea that they were to leave after a short time instead of hanging around. No razor burn, just slick movement of blade over flesh, leaving smooth skin behind. Was almost done, just zipping off the bit between my lower lip and chin. Only one little nick to my credit.

Then I slipped a bit on the toilet seat where I was sitting. The blades moved parallel to their cutting surfaces across my face. I'm now the proud owner of two parallel little slices just below my lower lip. (I guess that third blade didn't get fully engaged.) These, of course, bleed profusely. I've soaked through two band-aids already. Here's hoping I clot up before I have to go to work.

No one said this was going to be dangerous!
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