January 1st, 2004


And so it begins

2004 got off to a smooth start for me. I did, in fact, not get to the mnstf NYE party and opted for the party a pair of friends threw that was closer to my place. Caught a nice nap after dinner so I didn't actually make the party until after midnight. Still, got my fill of cheap champagne and got to see many friends I hadn't seen in quite a while. (The quote of the evening was, "Oh my god!" as most of these folks hadn't seen me without beard or braid before.)

After the party I had a lovely nap filled with all the things naps should be. Then it was breakfast of pancakes, more napping, dinner of left-over curry, more napping and in to work.

Work is, predictably, slow. There is one job due Monday and no prospect of any work coming in so I'll likely be sent home early.
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