December 26th, 2003

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Holiday recap

A quiet set of days spent overall. I was glad that Ericka thought my gift was great. (A "Chillow" heat sink device as she is often warm and particularly gets a warm head while lying down.) My sister called to let us know the sewing machine we sent down arrived. Only bummer there was that the foot pedal broke during shipping. (It was insured, so I'll have to see about what to do with UPS about that.) Ericka's mom called in the morning to wish us a Merry Christmas but Ericka was still asleep at that point.

When I finally woke Ericka up we had pancakes for brunch and then set about opening the presents. Brandy was very excited about her new squeaky toy (so much so that she's worn out its squeaker already). I received a pair of shoes, a fleece hood/hat thing and a new bathrobe (meaning I can toss the other three I have that are in various stages of being too small or worn out). Ericka also arranged the manufacture of a big fleece blanket for me. It is basically two big pieces of polar fleece fringed on the edges, placed on top of one another and the fringes tied together to make a single blanket. It's very snuggly and I gave it a test run this afternoon after we opened gifts; it makes for very good snoozing and the cat seemed pleased with it as well.

My parents will be coming down next weekend and we'll go out to my brother's place for a family gift-swap and Ericka's family's gifts are likely to arrive by then too as they are traveling up from Chicago via a friend's vehicle.

I'm a bit sad that my nap this afternoon meant I didn't have time to get out to a holiday party. Still the quiet time was nice and I'll have plenty of social opportunity over the next few weeks.

Happy holidays everyone!
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Good news/Bad news

The good news is that the SciFi channel is apparently producing adaptations of Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness and The Earthsea Trilogy. News I've been able to track down about these say they were slated for 2003.

The bad news is that I want to write those screen plays!

Stacked against me is the big fact that I've not done anything of the sort before. In my favor is that if I was to do such a thing, I'd desperately want to work with Le Guin on it (in hopes of getting something more like the PBS Lathe of Heaven than the A&E version).

So ... we know Virgina Kidd, head of Le Guin's literary agency, don't we? I might want a contact with her in a couple of months.
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