December 24th, 2003


Today's lesson in contrast

Well tonight is much more like what I expected yesterday to be like. Which is to say, very little to do at work tonight. And, of course, this is one of those nights that I carefully packed up my laptop and then absent-mindedly left it on the couch as I was headed out the door. Doh! Now I have naught but the Internet to amuse me.

Oddly, we had cookies and other various treats around last night but none tonight. At this rate, I'll be hungry by the time I get home.

Earlier today, I started to rescue daedala from the vagaries of bus schedules. She got a ride from a co-worker to the UPS hub near my house, though, so I was only involved in the ride from there to her home. There was a slight diversion for the showing off of cool boots and books to Ericka and a meal of extemporaneous pasta and peas with ginger that turned out pretty nice for a on-the-fly creation.

I hear from the grapevine at work that fredcritter will be starting here next month. Yay!

Opened the box from my sister today; it contained the DVD set of the first season of Dark Angel. Hey, the first thing someone's purchased off my wish list! Way to go, sis!

Well, it's off to the wilds of the Internet in search of amusement for the rest of the night. Have to keep an eye on whatever work is to be had, but it looks like slow going.
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