December 19th, 2003


The long, achey night

My shoulder is still bothering me. Seems to be worse with long stints at my not-exactly-ergonomic desk here at work. I wonder if it qualifies as a work-related injury? Probably not. I could use a good massage. My friend David, however, was ill at last report. Still, I do have some money in my Flex Spending account this year, so it'd be good to call him up and schedule something before the end of the year.

I actually have all my money still in my Flex Spending account as I haven't turned in anything for reimbursement yet. I know I have my new glasses to get reimbursed for and I should have enough left over for a pair of prescription sunglasses. Haven't had those before, so it'll be an interesting experience. I'm going to try to pick them out myself and see how it goes. (If I get stymied, I may have to call up minnehaha K; she did such a good job with my regular glasses.)

For some reason, we're quite busy here tonight. Maybe folks are trying to get everything done before the holiday. Have to see how it is tomorrow.

Got many packages shipped off via UPS. daedala provided me with the excellent excuse of needing to pick up packages of her own so I was able to ship off my dead TiVo and a few boxes of presents. All for relatively cheap, even with insuring the packages going down to my sister in Texas. I was pleasantly surprised.

Afterward, daedala bought Ericka and I dinner. We had a brief detour while looking for Sawatdee. I really should have known where their Washington Ave. location is; it's right between one of my regular parking places and the Metrodome so I walk by it when I'm going to Twins games often. Still, I didn't register that and so we had a lovely tour of the Warehouse district before deciding we'd gone Too Far and turned back. Fortunately, the lovely Thai food was found with little additional difficulty.

Was a tad disappointed that Ericka didn't seem to like the lovely basil-icious dish we picked out for her. We had, as is typical, far too much food so the spicy beef when home with daedala. We kept the fresh spring rolls and the basil dish. I'll see if I can get Ericka to eat them over the next couple of days. She is, to my surprise, doing very well with increasing the amount of vegetables in her diet. She's the weirdest vegetarian I know; she doesn't like cooked vegetables as a rule and mostly subsists on pasta and dairy. Lately, however, one of her PCAs has been making a fresh juice for her (we have a lovely juicer) that includes carrots, celery, beets, cucumbers, apples and parsley. She gets over 16 oz. of it a day and really looks forward to it.

Well, back to work for me, finally.
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