December 11th, 2003


Notes away!

Sent thank-you emails to the HR lady and manager I interviewed with today. Was going to hold off and send snail mail ones but figured that since they communicated with me by email that responding in the same manner would be appropriate. I have an application form to fill out and drop in the mail; will do that when I get home so it is in Thursday's mail.

Work has been relatively slow this evening and shows no signs of picking up.

Watched most of the extras of the first two Lord of the Rings extended editions. They have inspired me to t/r/y/ t/o/ write a screenplay treatment of A Wizard of Earthsea. (Do or do not; there is no try.) Le Guin is my favorite author and this is one of my favorite novels. It holds up well on multiple readings, revealing its layers as one grows more sophisticated. A bit daunting, but I don't expect all those layers to make it into the first pass of the screenplay. Re-read the novel a couple of days ago as a first step and have been thinking about the opening ever since. Where to begin the story? What needs to be communicated? How can information that is easily told in narrative be conveyed in the visual medium?

Lots of fun thinking, that.
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Job front

Found another opening to apply for today. This one is from the Target Corporation for a Web Production Developer. Looks like they are looking for someone with just about my identical skills and experience. Sent off the resume via their web site, we'll see if anything comes of it.
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