December 10th, 2003


Interview prep

I have an interview today (at 1:30 p.m.) with a company that does HR stuff for a lot of other companies. The position is for a proposal writer. In my previous job I started as a proposal word processor and moved up to being largely a proposal writer in the first five years. Then I got into the web stuff. So I've got some experience, I'm comfortable talking with all kinds of people and making presentations in front of executives and the like.

I have printed out copies of my updated resume (no new content, but organized differently) along with a sheet with the requested references and a writing sample. It would be great if I had a decade-old proposal I could pull that sample from, but I just don't have access to those anymore. Instead, I pulled a piece of historical research I did for a gaming product and polished it up into a one-page summary of one of Europe's greatest leaders, the first caliph of Cordova.

Did laundry last night so my new dress shirt is clean and non-wrinkly. I have socks to match the slacks I'm picking up later.

I was planning on getting up about 10:00 a.m. to be able to shower, shave(!) and get over to pick up said trousers and the blazer from where they are being altered. Given the load of snow that was dumped on us here, I'm thinking 9:00 a.m. is going to be better. Yep, that's two hours away. Fortunately, I got some sleep last night and I'll be able to sleep after the interview before going in to work tonight.
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Suited up

While it took probably longer than average to get down to Southdale to pick up my newly-tailored duds, it did not take all that long. I was able to cruise by the place of interview and get back home to pick up my wallet and a pen and have about a half-hour of down time before I head off to the interview. I'm pleased with how the combination of slacks, shirt, tie and blazer look on me and am feeling more confident about going into the interview.

Heard back from the three people I am going to use a references. Wasn't worried, but it's cool that they have all agreed on short notice. (I'd checked with them when I was more actively searching a couple of years ago, so hopefully this wasn't a big surprise.)

Thanks for all the good wishes. I'll post later about how it all went.
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Interview report

I think it went well. First spent a half-hour with a woman from their HR department. She took me on a quick tour of the facility. Showed me their lunch room cafe, their fitness center, their little on-site shop. As one might expect from a company that handles the HR functions for other companies, they are one of the best people-places that I've seen. The building is big and airy and has great views.

Sat and talked benefits with the HR lady for a while after the tour. All their benefits start day one. They have three different medical plans to choose from. Dental, vision, pre-tax accounts, 401(k), the whole package. The 401(k) match could be better (100% on the first 3%, 50% on the next 2%, IIRC), but it doesn't suck. Ericka likes that, as part of the group discounts on various things, they offer discounts on pet insurance. I agree that says a lot about their values as a company.

I was one of five interviews the hiring manager is doing. We got along well and seem to be both quite laid back. She asked how I liked to be managed and then later told me that the way she manages is right along those lines; gives initial direction and then trusts people to get the job done, encourages questions when someone runs into roadblocks but isn't directing every step of the action. If all goes well, I'd be called back for a second interview with her boss, I guess.

As I napped this afternoon, I had a dream about the interview. In my dream, I was being interviewed by my current lead. There was a brief X-Men-ish subplot that I don't recall clearly but even after that, they were seriously impressed with me and wanted to know if I could start on Christmas day.

And, of course, I looked fabulous.
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